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Applications for the mobility of tomorrow!
Figure: Novel information systems in vehicles with products by VIRTENIO.
The car is for many people one of the most important commodities of everyday life. With it, distances are overcome and targets are reached. Intelligent electronic systems in vehicles provide safety, well being and comfort. With regard to new information systems in conjunction with an extensive collection of data there are still many opportunities in the field of applications and services of the automotive industry.
Imagine getting warned about traffic issues on your way to work as soon as you enter your vehicle. Imagine receiving useful information on the highway from oncoming cars. Many applications are possible through close proximity, inter-car communication. Such applications can increase safety for all participants on the road, because more eyes and ears simply see and hear more.
VIRTENIO offers wireless modules that are small, powerful and energy efficient. VIRTENIO can contribute in this field by allowing cars to communicate with each other. Combine your ideas of tomorrow with our potential and skills of today and realize your applications with us.