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Living Space

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Living Space
Figure: Intelligent and interactive environments in buildings with products by VIRTENIO.
The concept of intelligent buildings, houses or flats has for several decades captured the imagination of visionaries and technology enthusiasts. Here, the living space is understood as an intelligent "machine" or even a "being" that is aware of the habits and needs of its residents. With this knowledge, the building can improve the quality of life and the well-being of its residents and can simplify or completely take over routine tasks in the day to day life.
An implementation of such a "machine" requires substantial measures which are primarily in the form of appropriate hardware, such as sensors, actuators and computational units. Furthermore, algorithms are devised and implemented in software that can process and evaluate the enormous amount of data captured by the sensors. With the derivation of correct conclusions actuators are able to influence the environment. Thus, residents obtain a perceived interaction with the intelligent building.
For the construction of intelligent environments far-reaching technical innovations are necessary. In addition to a comprehensive software solution, the wireless products by VIRTENIO can be used to collect and pre-process information from distributed sensors and transmit this information over a wireless communication structure to a central processing system.