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Monitor valuable goods during transportation
Figure: High-quality monitoring of shipments around the world with products by VIRTENIO.
Due to increasing globalization the routes over which goods are transported have geographically increased and reduced in terms of delivery time. The typical modern human enjoys consuming fruits from South America, coffee from Africa and electronics from Asia. Through constantly increasing optimization of existing logistics processes it has become customary that shipments are delivered overnight within Germany and within two days from North America. Focal points of optimizations in logistics are so far mainly in guaranteeing and increasing the speed of delivery.
Novel approaches in logistics focus on the quality of supplies of highly demanding goods such as food. It is not longer sufficient for the sender and receiver to guarantee that the goods are delivered within a fixed time frame. Instead it has become more and more important to monitor the condition of the goods during transportation and to detect and signal damages right away.
VIRTENIO's wireless engineering in close proximity field communication combined with wireless mobile communication technologies such as GSM / GPRS or satellite make it possible to monitor goods during shipment. Therefore important information about temperature, moisture and vibration levels is made available to both the carrier and the owner of the goods. Situations in the event of damage or loss can thus be better analyzed and dealt with. This allows logistic decisions to be made before the goods reach their destination.