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Overview of possible applications for products by Virtenio

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Virtenio offers Wireless Complete Solutions in different areas. Our customers can use our Wireless toolkit. Unfortunately we do not have any information about that on our Englisch Website now. So please visit our German Site to get information and impressions about our portfolio! Thank you very much!
Der PreonSolution Toolkit

Der PreonSolution Toolkit offers a modular system to create easy, fast und individual your Wireless Monitoring Solution! The Toolkit consists of 3 components:

  • Wireless measuring (PreonCube),
  • Data transmission (PreonGate) and
  • Data-Analysis (PreonLive).
So you can create your customized solution. You can choose your number, the sort and the features of your cubes. Use the Smart Wireless Devices by Virtenio.

Choose your Cubes, your Gateway and your Live-Web-Account for your monitoring solution!
Application Fields of Smart Wireless Solutions by Virtenio
Smart way guidance systems in car parks which guide to free parking bays and make it easier to find your car. Systems can be readily integrated into existing car parks thanks to wireless technology.
Innovative and mobile systems to analyze agricultural land and farming areas, monitor growth conditions and critical factors, and trigger alert signals if a factor is critical.
Mobile measurement systems for machinery, which help in analyzing workloads, states and environmental conditions.
Autonomous measuring and efficient readout of consumption data by wireless sensor networks for heating systems that previously operated in a time consuming manner by collecting data individually and manually.
Intelligent protection and control systems to monitor transport conditions and immediately provide warnings about critical states.
Wireless sensors in agriculture can be used in production processes to track and monitor crop conditions without requiring complicated systems.
Innovative development tools allowing easy access to wireless sensor network technology together with the help of the convenient programming language Java.