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Simplifying prototype development
Research & Development
Figure: Simple implementation and rapid development success with VIRTENIO's techniques.
In research and development it is important that prototypes can be quickly implemented with the essential functions for feasibility studies. Long periods of development, especially when dealing with embedded systems, complicate and delay implementations. Optimizations for the target system are not intended here. The wiring in your structure has already reached a high level of complexity and because of the compact arrangement a wireless communication is useful.
For the simulation of applications you have developed models in high level languages such as Java™. Some of the components include mathematical models that require large data types of 32-/64 bit. Under these circumstances you are looking for an embedded system that can be programmed easily and quickly without sacrificing the comfort of your existing development environment. A useful set of software libraries will ease your work through the availability of interfaces for sensors, actuators, wireless communication and other components.
VIRTENIO has developed a solution for its wireless modules allowing the use of applications written in Java™ on energy-efficient embedded systems without having to manually adjust the applications and algorithms. Contact VIRTENIO and let us help you implement your prototypes quickly and smartly. It does not matter if you have an industrial background or if you are simply looking for solutions for your thesis or dissertation.