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Smart Metering

Monitor and save energy costs
Smart Metering
Figure: Innovative energy management for households with products by VIRTENIO.
Due to the current climatic situation and the growing rejection of energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power, power suppliers are increasingly seeking the advantage of renewable and alternative energy sources. This is also strengthened by the mindset of the populace, which is developing a growing understanding of sustainability.
The collection of consumption data is increasingly not only used for billings, but rather also for the optimization of heating and cooling systems, lighting and other technical equipment. Regarding applications of novel energy management systems in households it is important to pay attention to high user friendliness and ease of installation.
Products by VIRTENIO are an ideal basis for realizing novel networked applications. Due to the implementation of wireless technology wiring for data acquisition and transmission is not needed. The systems developed by VIRTENIO are small and can therefore be integrated as measuring points in radiators, windows or outlets. Thanks to the innovative operating software by VIRTENIO (a combination of an operating system and an application) systems are prepared for distributed intelligence. VIRTENIO enables households to use resources in a sustainable manner without negatively affecting its residents.