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Abb.: VIRTENIO undertakes the design and development of hardware for embedded systems
So far you have specialized in the field of data processing on servers and provide related services in this area of expertise. For a new business activity you require a specific hardware solution in the form of an embedded system, which is currently not available on the market. You have a special need for sensors and actuators or geometrics and technological characteristics. You do not want to be involved in the development process, you want to obtain a finalized solution.
The Virtenio GmbH has extensive experience in the design of printed circuit boards in a multi-layer structure. These highly integrated systems may include processors, microcontrollers or configurable logic devices such as FPGAs and CPLDs. To accommodate for the recording of different measurement data, we integrate your sensors as digital or analog versions. We can simulate the corresponding circuit alternatives with appropriate tools and ensure optimal signal processing. Our area of expertise is the connection of sensors for obtaining measurement variables concerning temperature, humidity, relative light intensity, pressure, magnetic fields, acceleration and rotation.