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End-2-End Monitoring Solutions für Supply Chain, Assets & Shopfloor in Realtime

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Supply Chain Risk Management in Realtime

Protect your transports, goods and products worldwide, multimodally and in real time by preventing problems in advance. Use our KPIs like ETA and EQA (Estimated Quality of Arrival) and revolutionize your supply chain management!

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Monitor your assets, vehicles or machines worldwide and in real time for handling, motion and efficiency. Use our tools and analyses and optimize your processes.



Track and monitor your processes, products or tools on the shop floor and in production seamlessly and in real time. Check the efficiency of processes, the handling of objects and generate facts.

The solution

VIRTENIO offers you the PreonSolutions complete solution kit for end-to-end monitoring in real time. This offers among other things:

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Autonomous measuring and uploading devices

  • Modular device combinations

  • Cloud Analyse Tools

  • KPIs such as ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and EQA (Estimated Quality of Arrival)

The advantage

Benefit from our professional and unique industrial solution and convince yourself of your advantages:

  • Robust end devices

  • Long device running times

  • Worldwide radio connectivity

  • Multimodal usability

  • Statements on quality and punctuality

Your benefit

Reduce damage, inefficiencies, optimize product quality, and reduce unnecessary costs with better real-time decision-making

  • Protect assets

  • Detect damage in advance

  • Ensure punctuality

  • Maintain quality

  • Prove wrong treatments

The Flow.

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The greatest successes come mostly from teams – as with our end-2-end monitoring solution. Protect your assets not only with the VIRTENIO Live Apps but also with the help of our robust, modular and durable monitoring devices, which are made for what they are supposed to achieve: Collect data where your valuable assets need to be protected – worldwide in your real processes. Put together your solution kit from the 3 components:

Component 1:
Radio multi-sensor cube

Use our self-sufficient radio multi-sensor cube, which you can also use as a logger, to record relevant measured variables directly on the asset or the goods.

  • Use directly on the asset

  • compact, robust case

  • Long device runtime up to 4 years

  • Various measurands can be recorded

  • large radio range

Component 2:
Self-sufficient radio gateways

Collect the measurement data of up to 50 PreonCubes with the wireless gateways from VIRTENIO and also capture location data via GPS and mobile radio.

  • Flexible use near the wireless multi-sensor cube

  • Robust IP65 case

  • long device running times up to 12 months

  • Location data via GPS and GSM

  • Worldwide mobile radio or satellite communication

Component 3:
Cloud Analytics Plattform

Check the live measurement data, analyze the data streams and get KPI based real-time recommendations for action in your dashboards.

  • Browser-based access

  • Alert-Services per Email

  • PDF reports

  • KPIs for easy decision support in dashboards

  • ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and EQA (Estimated Quality of Arrival)

To the PreonSolutions kit

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Cross-border monitoring of supplier components

Purchasing Manager, Schaeffler

Packaging and delivery monitoring of deliveries

Innovation Manager, GESIPA

Multimodal monitoring of automotive deliveries

Innovations Manager, BLG

If I were to say, “We wouldn’t have any painful costs from damages & unpunctualities in the supply chain that can be eliminated by VIRTENIO,” I tell a lie.

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