VIRTENIO’s innovative real-time transport & quality protection solution for global supply chains (PreonSolutions) serves BLG Logistics Group as the basis for its supply chain monitoring concept and initial digitization projects. The Bremen-based logistics company picked up the concepts of the Berlin-based company VIRTENIO [1] to convince customers with complex supply chains that transport goods across borders on different means of transport. The main focus is on international container transport by sea. BLG names its Service Freight Quality Tracking (FQT).

Virtenio offers a real-time end-to-end monitoring solution for its customers’ supply chains, with which manufacturers or logisticians can proactively avert costs, loss of reputation and trouble due to quality defects and unpunctuality in multimodal supply chains. The company thus brings light into the “black box logistics” and lets its customers benefit from the digital information advantages through real-time action recommendations, save costs and spare nerves!

Interested customers can easily try out products and solutions, integrate them into their own operative business and scale them as white-label solutions.

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