VIRTENIO PreonCube CO2 Ampel
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Finally it is here: The CO2 traffic light for better indoor air from VIRTENIO! The Berlin-based company is responding to the strong market demand for an all-round visible CO2 traffic light. With the help of the traffic light, high CO2 and aerosol concentrations in indoor air can be reduced by ventilating at the right time and for the right duration. A study of the TU Berlin had proven a “risk assessment of virus-laden aerosols based on CO2 concentration”.

When and whether to ventilate is indicated by the PreonCube CO2 traffic light with its 3 large traffic lights: At low CO2 concentration, below 1000 ppm (ppm = parts per million / parts Co2 per 1 million parts air), the traffic light is green. If the CO2 concentration rises up to 1999ppm, the traffic light signals this with a yellow light. From 2000ppm on, it warns you optically with red color. In addition, an acoustic signal can be heard (optional) to remind you to ventilate. If the limit values are not suitable, they can also be adjusted by the customer.

Furthermore, the traffic light can be integrated into an existing wireless network (WLAN) and, if desired, the data can be transferred to the VIRTENIO cloud platform. So the VIRTENIO CO2 traffic lights can be monitored remotely via web browser and room air quality can be managed. The CO2 traffic light is now available for 279€ on the VIRTENIO website.