OEM components for your application

Are you looking for a platform for your new embedded application that combines at least the following aspects: powerful yet energy-saving 32-bit microcontroller, secure standardized radio interface up to 256kBit/s for complex protocols up to 6LoWPAN and the possibility to connect sensors and actuators via different interfaces?

Then Virtenio’s PreonComponents are the powerful radio module Preon32 for integration as an OEM component in your application. To build the first prototypes, use the evaluation module Preon32Shuttle, which contains the Preon32 mounted. The evaluation module gives you fast access to all relevant interfaces. To further accelerate your steps towards your own product, you can purchase the VariSen sensor module, which contains up to 7 different sensors for temperature, humidity, acceleration or magnetic field. The entire hardware is united by PreonVM, a novel operating software for embedded systems, in which you focus on the application and do not have to spend time on details of the hardware architecture.

Feature selection

  • Universally usable sensor and actuator platform for the realization of demanding applications with radio frequency

  • Interfaces such as CAN, I²C, SPI, USB bus or digital input/output pins

  • Fast assembly of prototypes in combination with your own peripherals

  • Ultimate sensor extension for physical parameters such as temperature, illuminance, humidity, magnetic field strength, air pressure, acceleration and rotational speed

  • Novel operating software for fast implementation of distributed and wirelessly networked applications

Selection of components


Preon32 Shuttle – Expansion board for the Preon32 wireless module

Expansion board for the radio module Preon32 for easy commissioning with USB interface, power supply, push buttons, LED and post connector for the connection of own sensors and actuators from your projects. The expansion board is designed for the construction of prototypes. For this purpose, external components can be quickly connected and adapted.


Preon32 Shuttle VariSen – Multi-sensor module for the Preon32 Shuttle

Sensor board for the evaluation module "Preon32 Shuttle" for uncomplicated acquisition of measurement data. The sensor module contains sensors for the following measured variables in the complete assembly: Temperature, humidity, relative illuminance, acceleration, air pressure, rotational speed and magnetic field strength.