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Customer benefits with Virtenio products

Figure: Bypass the problems in the implementation of your ideas with the solution from VIRTENIO.

Your advantage

In response to conversations with customers and visitors Virtenio offers a universal package that sees hardware and software as one entity and thus enables the development of optimized systems. This is the basis for secure systems, longer battery run times and reduced complexity for customers. The use of market-leading components and the hardware flexible design allows, in comparison to competing products, a wider range of applications for wireless sensors and actuators, and a more variable solution of the actual requirements. Additionally the dependence of customers on chip manufacturers is reduced. This manifests itself in the fact that the Virtenio customer, contrary to many competitor solutions, has an easy access to hardware resources and does not require expensive development tools.

Our head start in development

The development stages benefit from the fact that applications for the wireless module Preon32 can be programmed in Java™. The operating software from VIRTENIO enables the use of Java applications on embedded systems with wireless communication technologies. The operating software is highly optimized to such an extent that an additional operating system such as RTOS, µCLinux or similar is unnecessary. Troubleshooting is easier thanks to platform independence, language features and unification of development processes. The need for specialists in machine-oriented programming can be reduced resulting in lower personnel costs. Further benefits are a faster time to the point of market entry for new products and a better transparency during development.