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Technique - What makes Virtenio different

Figure: Implement applications for M2M and the internet of things with solutions by Virtenio.

What does Virtenio stand for?

The Virtenio GmbH develops, manufactures and markets innovative miniature computer with wireless communication technology (radio modules) and minimum energy requirements which continuously gather, process and forward information. These systems can operate self-sufficiently as a type of probe or as part of a network and thus present new areas of application. The capabilities of networked radio modules are extensive and experts see them as a new future trend. Concerning the Internet, omnipresent intelligence or intelligent handling of resources are only a few examples of areas which will grow strongly in the future.

What differentiates Virtenio from others?

The special feature exclusively offered by VIRTENIO to its customers is a new comprehensive set of performance-optimized miniature computers with wireless communication technology (hardware) and a virtual machine (software). The operating system orientated software makes it possible to use applications developed in Java™ on resource-constrained systems. This simplifies and accelerates the development process of applications and the system can be flexibly adjusted to special customer requests.