Project Description

CO2 traffic light for better indoor air

Measure and display CO2 concentration in rooms

CO2 measurement system meets condition traffic light and forms an interesting product combination that is indispensable for companies and helps to improve the productivity of employees by working under optimal air conditions.

co2 traffic light
  • Precise and wireless CO2 sensor with automatic calibration and lithium battery for long battery life without recharging
  • Clearly visible traffic light with the states green, yellow, red
  • Two separate systems for measurement at a relevant point and display at a clearly visible point
  • Professional measurement technology from building services engineering
  • Professional traffic light from the industrial sector
CO2 Icon

The CO2 traffic light is suitable for offices, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, fitness studios and similar rooms where people are present.

An example

The following chart shows the CO2 concentration over several days in a test room. As you can see, the indoor air quality is rather low and can be optimized by better airing. Without visible traffic lights, people will not open the windows in time, but need a device that indicates when it is time to air again.

CO2 concentration in air of a test room

According to the recommendations of the Ad-hoc AG IRK/AOLG, 2008, the following standard applies to the CO2 concentration in indoor air:

  • Concentration less than 1000 ppm is considered hygienically harmless
  • Concentration of 1000 to 2000 ppm is considered to be noticeable
  • Concentration greater than 2000 ppm is considered unacceptable

With Virtenio’s clearly visible CO2 traffic light, people can be sensitized to air in time to keep the CO2 concentration in a good range.

Costs of the CO2 traffic light amortize quickly

Personnel costs are high. This is common knowledge. For this reason, it is important for companies to have personnel work in an environment where they are as productive as possible. Virtenio’s CO2 traffic light contributes to a small extent to this. If employees become only a few percent more productive with the CO2 traffic light, the cost of the CO2 system will amortize very quickly. The traffic light also helps to save energy. For more information see below.

Further good reasons for a CO2 traffic light

  • A study showed that carbon dioxide (CO2) has a negative effect on human concentration. These effects were observed in CO2 levels often found in offices, seminar rooms, meeting rooms and classrooms.
  • CO2 has a negative impact on our health, safety and efficiency. Extremely high CO2 levels can even be fatal. The risk of infection also increases with an increase in CO2 concentration.
  • A CO2 traffic light also helps to save energy. Consistent and regular airing is demonstrably much more effective than tilting windows and leaving the heating on. The traffic light with its colours indicates when the windows should be opened and closed. Energy savings of up to 20 percent are possible in this way.
  • Regular airing is the key to the solution and the CO2 singnal light of Virtenio helps to remember without being disturbing.

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