Project Description

Preon32 – Innovative 2.4 GHz radio module

32-bit microcontroller with ARM core

  • up to 72 MHz clock frequency

  • 64 kByte SRAM Working memory

  • 256 kByte FLASH program memory

Radio transceiver for IEEE 802.15.4

  • license-free 2.4 GHz ISM frequency

  • Receive sensitivity of -101dBm

  • 128-bit AES encryption in hardware

  • Chip antenna or optional u.FL connector for ext. antenna

Serial Flash integrated

  • 8 MBit serial Flash (optional 16 MBit possible)

  • Ideal e.g. for measurement data

Many interfaces



  • USB 2.0, CAN 2.0B Active

compact dimensions of 27.5 x 19 x 3.3 mm
(L x W x H)

Made in Germany by Virtenio
Data Sheet


The radio module “Preon32” is a universally applicable sensor and actuator platform for the realization of demanding applications. It consists of a powerful 32-bit microcontroller, an RF transceiver with best RF characteristics for IEEE 802.15.4 compatible hardware and a serial flash for measurement and configuration data. The design of the module with SMD pads in the LGA arrangement (Land Grid Array) is ideal for fully automatic assembly.

A variety of interfaces such as CAN, I²C, SPI, USB bus or digital input/output pins are available for connecting external peripherals. Analog signals can be acquired with the integrated analog-to-digital converters. The high resolution of 12 bits and the possible sampling rate of up to 1 million samples per second distinguish the Preon32 module from comparable products.

The most innovative feature is the possibility to program the radio module with Java. This is made possible by the JavaVM for embedded systems developed by Virtenio. Java programs are developed on the desktop PC, loaded onto the target system and executed on the virtual machine. The radio transceiver or other peripherals can be accessed via native interfaces.

Technical data

Processor core 32-Bit-RISC
Clock frequency up to 72MHz
RAM 64 kByte SRAM
ROM 256 kByte Flash
Current consumption (typ.) 3,7 mA (active, 8 MHz),
28,3 mA (active, 72 Mhz),
1,3 mA (Sleep state, without peripherals),
26 μA ( Stop-Mode )
Radio transceiver
Frequency band 2400.0 – 2483.5 MHz
Channels 16
Channel spacing 5
Data rate 250 kBit/s, 512 kBit/s,
1MBit/s, 2MBit/s
Transmitting power -17 dBm bis +3 dBm
Receiver sensitivity -101 dBm
Range up to 150 m in free field,
up to 30 m in buildings
Current consumption (typ.) 20 nA (sleep state),
12,3 mA (receive mode),
14,0 mA (transmit mode)
Serial 1x USB 2.0 Full-Speed
1x CAN (2.0B Active)
3x SPIs up to 18 Mbit/s
3x USARTs synch./asynch. up to 4.5 Mbit/s
1x I²C up to 400 kBit/s
Analog 2 × 12-Bit A/D converter, 1 MSPS, 15 channels
2 × 12-Bit D/A converter
GPIO 37x digital input or output pins (GPIOs)
15x external interrupt inputs
Serial Flash
Size 8 MBit (also 16 MBit available)
Technology serial flash
Access up to 86 MHz clock frequency on SPI
General information about the module
Dimensions (mm) 27,5 x 19 x 3,3 mm (L x W x H)
Supply voltage 2,7 – 3,6 V
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