Project Description

Wireless signal light for displaying measuring ranges. Measuring ranges and states are clearly visible via the 3 colours red, yellow and green.

  • Local display of a measured value from a PreonCube

  • Colour representation of CO2 or humidity, for example

  • Adjustable limit range for the individual luminaires

  • Flashing signal lamps when there is no connection to a PreonCube

  • Wireless communication with a PreonCube to separate both devices locally

  • Power supply via power supply unit

Made in Germany by Virtenio


The PreonCube Signal Light (traffic light) is an optional extension to the PreonCubes. The traffic light locally displays a specific measured value in three different colored categories. The representation of the colors can deviate from the representation in the on-line range and react delayed. The traffic light can be used as an indicator when it makes sense to reduce the CO2 content in a room, for example, by ventilating and opening a window. Measuring ranges for the individual color categories can be configured.

Technical data

General information
Dimensions X x Y x Z mm (L x W x H)
Weight X g
Case polycarbonate
Safety class of case IP64
Safety class of power supply IP40, Use only in dry indoor areas
Power supply Power supply from 230V alternating voltage to 24V direct voltage
Signal lamp 3 colours: green, yellow, red
Radio communication
Radio frequency 2,4 GHz
Radio standard IEEE 802.15.4
Range (up to) outdoor 300m / indoor 30m
Security at least 128 bit AES
Radio protocol IEEE 802.15.4 (P2P); 6LoWPAN with duty cycling (via SW update)
Radio channels 16
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