Project Description

PDF Quality and Punctuality Reports for ETA+Q

The PDF-based application-specific process, shipment and measurement reports provide you with summarized information consisting of historical data, statistics and process results as well as verification and documentation.


  • Presentation of the data report in PDF format

  • Presentation of statistical data, location data and event data

  • Process-dependent and manual report periods

  • Summary of EQA + ETA relevant events

Your benefit

Reduced, summarized and clearly formatted data

Use case adapted report formats

Easy comparability and presentation of quality & punctuality aspects

Simple retrospective analysis possibility of shipments and processes

Practical addition of handling reports to delivery notes


PreonLive Data Reports consist of PDF files and are adapted to the use cases. Depending on the use case, different EQA KPIs are included and thus create concrete benefits. In addition to summaries, the report contains stage analyses, break analyses, statistical tables and route analyses.

VIRTENIO ETA+Q: PreonLive Data Online quality and punctuality models

What are EQA models? VIRTENIO uses all available monitoring sensor data and calculates quality-influencing KPIs based on historical and current data. These KPIs have statements about past, current and future effects on the assets. The data is condensed with the help of a traffic light logic and processed in a comprehensible and simple way for the users of the PreonLive tools.

EQA mould

Risk KPI for mould

Risk KPI for mould

Use the automatically calculated mold risk KPI, which gives you the current and cumulative mold risk or quality at the time of arrival or process end depending on individually selected materials.

EQA Corrosion

Risk KPI for corrosion

Risk KPI for corrosion

Profit from the automatically calculated risk KPI for corrosion and select the metal type of your asset in advance. Analyze the expected load on the material at the time of arrival or process end and the current risk of corrosion based on environmental conditions.

EQA Intrusion

KPI risk for intrusion

KPI risk for intrusion

Monitor processes or logistics operations for theft, manipulation or location manipulation. Benefit from the intelligent evaluation and linking of environmental and location data to the Intrusion KPI.

EQA Coldchain

Risk KPI for coldchain problems

Risk KPI for coldchain problems

Control temperature controlled logistic processes and cold chain shipments with the Coldchain KPI, which not only monitors limits but also speeds of temperature changes and duration of limit over/underruns.

EQA Shock

Risk KPI for shock damage

Risk KPI for shock damage

Monitoring of the transport position, impact strength and number. Use the smart Shock EQA-KPI. Monitor transports and logistics processes with regard to the physical handling of sensitive assets and goods.

ETA Track and Trace

Risk KPI for punctuality

Risk KPI for punctuality

Use the ETA KPI and monitor your shipments with regard to routes, punctuality, checkpoint analyses and break times and benefit from the combination of location and sensor data.

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