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PreonCube Condition Advanced
Multi-sensor cube for measuring temperature, relative humidity, relative illuminance

  • Mobile, self-sufficient wireless measuring system with internal sensors
  • Data acquisition, buffering (storage) and radio transmission (min. 128 Bit AES encryption)
  • Convenient measurement data analysis and export in the PreonLive online portal
  • Running time up to 3 years with lithium-ion rechargeable accumulator
  • Modular compatibility with all Virtenio Cubes and Gateways
  • Robust, shock-proof housing (IP 64)
  • Compact dimensions of 65 x 65 x 65 x 57 mm (L x W x H)
  • Measurement of temperature, relative humidity, illuminance:

Made in Germany
Product Information
The PreonCube Logistics Advanced is a wireless measuring system with internal sensors. Due to its compact-sized and handy design as well as its battery operation, the Cube is very well suited for buildings, warehouses, cabinets or hard-to-reach environments. Depending on the selected measurement interval, the cube records with its sensors data on temperature, relative humidity and illuminance. Depending on requirements, it transmits these measured values in customer-specific intervals and a compatible radio protocol to other measuring points or directly to radio gateways. With the optionally available gateways, the data is transferred to the PreonLive online portal where it can be analyzed and exported. This enables you to monitor your remote PreonCubes from any PC, smartphone or tablet with Internet access and have an overview of their local environmental conditions at any time. 
Via enclosure openings, the internally installed sensors of the PreonCube Condition Advanced have access to the environment. These sensors measure temperature, relative humidity and illuminance..
  • Areas of application: buildings, warehousing, energy analyses
  • Applications: Surveillance of buildings, halls, rooms, cabinets or showcases, etc.
  • Monitoring, verification, control and alerting
  • Random checks or Long-term measurements
Dimensions 65 x 65 x 57 mm (L x B x H)
Weight 150 g
Enclosure material polycarbonate
Protection class IP64
Energy supply Lithium polymer accumulator (LIPO) 3,6 V; charging time max. 5 hours (under complete discharge) via USB power supply with 5V @ 500mA
Running time up to 3 years without recharging
Storage Flash, non-volatile
Operating temperature -30°C to +85°C
Interaction Non-contact reed switch, LED (two-colour)
Interface Micro-USB for PC connection or USB power supply
Wireless communication
radio frequency 2,4 GHz
radio standard IEEE 802.15.4
Range (up to) outdoor 300m / indoor 30m
Security at least 128 bit AES
radio protocol IEEE 802.15.4 (P2P); 6LoWPAN with Duty Cycling (via SW update)
radio channels 16
transmission interval 15 min (standard, programmable)
Sensing probe digital temperature sensor, internal
Measurement interval 15 min (standard, programmable)
Measuring range -40°C to +105°C
Resolution 16-Bit
Accuracy +/- 0,5°C
Relative Humidity
Sensing probe digital humidity sensor, internal
Measurement interval 15 min (standard, programmable)
Measuring range 0-100% relative humidity
Resolution 12-Bit
Accuracy +/- 2,0 %RH
Relative illuminance
Sensing probe digital sensor for relative illuminance, internal
Measurement interval 15 min (standard, programmable)
Measuring range 1 lx up to 65355 lx
Resolution 16-Bit
Accuracy +/- 15%, spectrally unadjusted
EMV ETSI EN 50371, ETSI EN 60950,ETSI EN 300328, ETSI EN 301489
Changes to technical data may have occurred after the time of publication.