Communication between data sources and cloud

Matching the Virtenio Cubes, we offer gateways that store your measured values locally as required, make them available via an existing Internet connection or transfer them to your web account at any location via mobile radio. This gives you the possibility and freedom to view your monitored locations or processes 24/7 via web browser at any time. The PreonLive portal gives you the opportunity to view, analyze and export your data.

  • Connection between PreonCubes and PreonLive Portal

  • Secure radio transmission (min. 128 bit AES encryption)

  • Modular compatibility with all PreonCubes

  • Robust and designed for industrial use

  • Battery operated, long life

Made in Germany by Virtenio

Product comparison

Supply Chain Risk Management
Realtime Asset Monitoring
Shopfloor Condition Monitoring
Place of use
At the cargo
In container (20 feet / 40 feet / reefer) ✔ / ✔ / ✔
In a truck (cab / trailer) ✔ / ✔
In a freight wagon
Location tracking
by Cellular Technology (GSM)
by GPS-Technology (GPS / GLONASS) ✔ / ✔
by Satelite-Technology (Iridium cell) ✔ [*]
Place of connectivity [*]
In the building
In the countryside
In container
In the harbour
Sites without telecommunications infrastructure (sea / desert / rainforest / polar region) — / — / — / — ✔ / ✔/ ✔/ ✔
Battery / rechargeable ✔ / ✔
Protection class IP65
[*] For the PreonGate Iridium Gateway, the external Iridium/GPS antenna must have clear view to the sky.

Selection of available gateways

Simple mounting

All gateways can be mounted in different ways. There are several options to choose from. Material can be obtained from Virtenio.

  • Screw connection via angle connector

  • Attachment via flexible magnetic feet to magnetic substrates

Interaction with a magnet

Due to the industrial suitability, we did not use buttons or switches in the design of the gates. This makes the gates particularly robust and avoids the risk of unintentional deactivation. As an alternative, we have come up with the interaction with a magnet.

  • Switching on and off

  • Pairing of PreonCubes

Optional Data Forwarding

With all PreonGates there is the possibility of data forwarding to the customer. Data forwarding is optional and can be set up on request. Various interfaces are available. Data encryption can be done via SSL or AES.

  • Optional Data Forwarding

  • TCP socket and UDP

  • MQTT

Virtenio brings your sensor data wireless to the cloud!

With Virtenio PreonSolution we have the right complete solution for your demanding monitoring needs. No matter whether logger, wireless logistics monitoring or remote building monitoring – with the mobile and radio-based PreonCubes you can record measured variables such as temperature, relative humidity and illuminance, CO2 concentration, acceleration or air pressure at hard-to-reach locations without existing infrastructure.


Matching radio multi-sensor cubes

Matching the PreonGates, we offer you self-sufficient radio multi-sensor cubes that can record measurement data directly on the asset, on the goods and distributed at different positions of your shipment. They measure temperature, relative humidity, relative illuminance, air pressure, CO2, 3-axis acceleration and thus position as well as shocks depending on the device variant.

Matching Cloud Analysis Platform

Use a matching PreonLive cloud access in addition to your PreonCubes as well as PreonGates for the analysis of the data and presentation of the recommendations for action. Evaluate the data in real time and benefit from KPIs such as ETA and EQA.

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