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Online analysis tools

We bring your sensor data wirelessly into the cloud! With Virtenio PreonSolution we have the right complete solution for your demanding monitoring needs. Regardless of whether loggers, wireless logistics monitoring or remote building monitoring - with the mobile and radio-based PreonCubes, they record measured variables such as temperature, relative humidity as well as illuminance, CO2 concentration, acceleration or air pressure in hard-to-reach locations without an existing infrastructure. To match the cubes, we offer you gateways that can store your measured values locally as required, make them available via an existing Internet connection or transmit them to your web account via mobile phone at any desired location. This gives them the possibility and freedom to view their monitored locations or processes 24/7 via web browser at any time. Simply log in to your my. virtenio account, analyze the data or export it as a file from the PreonLive portal.

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Feature selection

  • Live access to your sensor cubes 24/7
  • Online remote monitoring with wireless sensor cubes
  • Export of the measured value as CSV, XLSX and GPX file for any time periods
  • Readout and analysis service of Virtenio's logger cubes

PreonLive: Modular building block component for complete wireless solutions

PreonLive Data Online - Web portal for live analysis

With the web-based portal PreonLive Data Online you have permanent access to your measuring systems. Under my. virtenio. com you can see your PreonCubes, their measured sensor values and battery charge levels with your login data. In addition to the graphic representation you can export your data as CSV, XLSX or GPX file. 7 days a week - around the clock! The PreonGate gateways you need to use PreonLive Data Online are available from Virtenio to meet your needs.

PreonLive Data Report - Analysis Service for Logger-Cubes

With the Virtenio PreonLive Data Report service, you receive an extensive analysis of your logger cubes, such as PreonCube Logistics Advanced. The service includes reading and evaluating the data. The PreonLive Data Report contains a PDF report, a personal presentation and extensive measurement data as well as recommendations for action. This means that you can access interesting information and your individual logging report quickly, conveniently and easily!