Analysis, KPIs and recommendations for action in the VIRTENIO cloud

VIRTENIO offers you the cloudbased VIRTENIO portal PreonLive to match your PreonCubes and PreonGates. Receive relevant information, insights and decision support. Check live measurement data, analyze data streams, and get KPI-based real-time action recommendations. Benefit from the VIRTENIO PreonLive Apps. No matter of shipment monitoring, asset monitoring or shop-floor control – use our live portal, PDF reports and email alerts. Take off!

PreonLive Components


With the web-based platform PreonLive Data Online you can monitor your processes KPI-based, display measurement data, perform analyses, derive recommendations for action and manage your Preon devices.


Receive status and alarm information as well as recommendations for action via email and monitor the quality and punctuality of your assets. Act locally or overridingly and adapt your processes.


The PDF-based application-specific process, shipment and measurement reports provide you with summarized information consisting of historical data, statistics and process results as well as verification and documentation.


Passende Funk-Multisensor-Würfel

Passend zu den PreonGates bieten wir Ihnen autarke Funk-Multisensor-Würfel, die Messdaten direkt am Asset, an der Ware und verteilt an unterschiedlichen Positionen Ihres Shipments erfassen können. Sie messen in Abhängigkeit der Gerätevariante Temperatur, relative Luftfeuchtigkeit, relative Beleuchtungsstärke, Luftdruck, CO2, 3-Achsen Beschleunigung und damit Lage sowie Shocks.

Passende Funk-Gateways

Passend zu den PreonCubes bieten wir Ihnen autarke Funk-Gateways, die die Messdaten von bis zu 50 Funk-Multisensor-Würfeln einsammeln und drahtlos per weltweitem Mobilfunk oder per Satellitenkommunikation in die Cloud übertragen sowie zudem Ortsdaten per GPS oder Mobilfunktriangulation erfassen.

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