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VIRTENIO offers you the cloudbased VIRTENIO portal PreonLive to match your PreonCubes and PreonGates. Receive relevant information, insights and decision support. Check live measurement data, analyze data streams, and get KPI-based real-time action recommendations. Benefit from the VIRTENIO PreonLive Apps. No matter of shipment monitoring, asset monitoring or shop-floor control – use our live portal, PDF reports and email alerts. Take off!

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Storage location Cloud Mailbox File
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Current position
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Access to historical data
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PreonLive Components

Made in Germany by Virtenio

Matching radio multi-sensor cubes

Matching the PreonGates, we offer you self-sufficient radio multi-sensor cubes that can record measurement data directly on the asset, on the goods and distributed at different positions of your shipment. They measure temperature, relative humidity, relative illuminance, air pressure, CO2, 3-axis acceleration and thus position as well as shocks depending on the device variant.

Matching radio gateways

Matching the PreonCubes, we offer you self-sufficient radio gateways that collect the measurement data of up to 50 radio multi-sensor cubes and transmit them wirelessly to the cloud via worldwide mobile radio or satellite communication, as well as recording location data via GPS or mobile radio triangulation.

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