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PreonSolution building blocks
Building blocks for complete wireless solutions

PreonSolution building blocks logic

What is the PreonSolutions building block system?

The PreonSolutions modular system offers you a modular system with which you can easily, quickly and on-demand realize your wireless monitoring solution. This system for complete solutions can be individually tailored to your requirements and consist of components ranging from sensors to cloud applications.

This results in a custom-fit solution that is adapted to you in terms of the number, type and properties of the Smart Wireless Devices.

What does the building block consist of?

The modular system consists of 3 parts. These are the
  • Data acquisition (PreonCube),
  • value forwarding (PreonGate) and
  • data analysis (PreonLive).
This makes it possible to implement and use the entire PreonSolution value chain. Different sensors in the field provide data for further evaluation in the web portal. This can be done directly live or via export in your individual analysis process. Flexible data integration is possible using the latest web technologies.
Building Blocks

Sensor and actuator cubes

With the portable and wireless PreonCubes you can capture temperature, relative humidity as well as illuminance, CO2 concentration, acceleration or air pressure. It is also possible to control actuators such as relays.

Gateway and receiving components

According to the Cubes, we provide gateways that can store your measured values locally, make them available via an existing web connection or transmit them to your web account via wireless communication at any location.

Analysis tools

This gives you the possibility and freedom to view your monitored locations or processes 24/7 via web browser at any time. Log in to your account, analyze the data or export it as a csv file from the PreonLive portal.