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Preon32Shuttle | Expansion module for Preon32-Series by Virtenio

Product features
  • Expansion of the radio module "Preon32" into a complete development platform
  • Programming via integrated USB bus
  • Headers for external peripherals and easy integration into test setups for prototyping
  • Buttons for user interaction
  • 4 LEDs for user defined status indication of system states
  • Power supply circuit with a linear regulator
  • Power supply via USB interface (5 V) or external source such as batteries (3.6 - 13.2 V)
The "Preon32Shuttle" is an evaluation board for the radio module "Preon32". The module contains external components such as LEDs, buttons and headers for rapid development of prototypes combined with peripherals. The integrated USB interface allows for effortless programming, extraction of sensor data, and transfer of configuration data such as system properties. This is facilitated by a built-in USB to UART bridge. The control lines of the interface are used to set the boot mode and reset the microcontroller, allowing complete control over the system from a connected computer.
For the connection of external peripherals the headers have been fitted with a variety of interfaces such as CAN, I²C, SPI, USB, analog and digital input/output pins.
The module is powered by the integrated power supply circuit, which can be operated using either an external battery source or via the USB connection. The implemented linear regulator features a wide input voltage range between 3.6 to 13.2 V and a low quiescent current consumption of typically 2 µA.
  1x Micro-USB connector
2-pin Molex PicoBlade socket for external battery
  2x 16-pin headers on 2.54 mm grid
  USB2.0 full-speed
  4x SMD LEDs (green, yellow, red, amber)
  1x Reset button
1x User button
With Preon32
Serial interfaces 1x USB 2.0 Full-Speed
  1x CAN interface (2.0B Active)
  3x SPIs (18 Mbit / s)
  2x USARTs synchronous / asynchronous transmission up to 4.5 Mbit/s
  1x I²C interface with up to 400 kbit/s
Analog interfaces 2x 12-bit A / D converter, 1 MSPS, 11 channels
  2x 12-bit D/A converter
Other interfaces 27x Digital input and output pins (GPIOs)
  15x External interrupt inputs
Dimensions 32 x 33 x 14mm (LxBxH)
Supply voltage 3,6V- 13,2V
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