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Software for embedded systems

Abb.: VIRTENIO undertakes the design and development of software for embedded systems
You have a technical solution in the form of an embedded system and would like to have it programmed for your specific purpose. The embedded system is equipped with different interfaces for sensors and actuators. Software functions such as signal sampling, the acquisition of data and processing of information for transmission via different communication channels and the control of actuators are included in this scope. Your application also provides onsite intelligence within the embedded system.
We have many years of experience in the programming of microcontrollers and configurable logic modules from various well-known manufacturers. We are experienced in system-oriented programming in assembler, C/C++ and object-oriented programming in Java, also for embedded systems. We can build drivers for analog and digital components in your solution so that access becomes simple and modular. We also have expertise in the implementation of operating system components for embedded systems. Our in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence and the realization of self-learning systems enables us to support you not only in developing innovative systems, but also in the conception of advanced systems. As a basis for your realization of an intelligent embedded system we can offer you our special operating software. This enables complex applications to be implemented rapidly and elegantly on embedded systems with very few resources.