Services of Virtenio

Virtenio offers various services associated with our products to help you get started in the digital world and focus on what’s important.

Evaluation of data and creation of reports

Virtenio takes over the analysis of your data and generates meaningful reports.

Virtenio can evaluate your data from Virtenio devices for you and generate meaningful reports. The prerequisite is a Virtenio account in which data is collected. Based on this data, we are able to generate reports from which you can derive insights. For this purpose we condense your data and determine relevant information on the basis of certain criteria and generate a suitable report.

The reports help in the analysis of problems and the understanding of processes. In the event of damage, we can show you why it happened and where. Based on these reports, you will then be able to make informed decisions more easily.

Hardware for embedded systems

VIRTENIO takes over the conception and development of hardware for embedded systems.

Have you specialised in the field of data processing on servers so far and offer corresponding services in this area? To generate data for a new business area, you need a special hardware solution in the form of an embedded system that is not available on the market for your needs. Do you have a special need for sensors and actuators or for geometric and technical characteristics? You do not want to deal with the development yourself, but want to order a finished solution.

Virtenio GmbH has extensive experience in the design of multilayer printed circuit boards. These highly integrated systems can include processors, microcontrollers or configurable logic devices such as FPGA and CPLD. We integrate your sensors as digital or analog variants to record different measurement data. We can also simulate corresponding circuit alternatives with corresponding tools and thus guarantee you optimal signal processing. Our special knowledge includes the connection of sensors for temperature, humidity, relative illuminance, air pressure, magnetic fields, acceleration and rotational speed.

Software for embedded systems

VIRTENIO takes over the conception and development of software for embedded systems.

You have a technical solution in the form of an embedded system and want to have it programmed for your specific application. The embedded system is equipped with different interfaces for sensors and actuators. In this context, software functions such as signal sampling, the acquisition of results and data processing for forwarding via different communication channels as well as for controlling actuators are involved. You application also provides local intelligence in the embedded system.

We have many years of experience in the programming of microcontrollers and configurable logic components from various well-known manufacturers. We are proficient in system-oriented programming in assembler, C/C++ and object-oriented programming in Java, also for embedded systems. We can develop drivers for both analog and digital components in your solution, making access easy and modular. We also have expertise in the implementation of operating system components for embedded systems. Through our profound knowledge of artificial intelligence and the realization of self-learning systems, we can support you not only in the development but also in the conception of novel systems. As a basis for your implementation of intelligent embedded systems, we can offer you our special operating software. With this it is possible that complex applications can be implemented quickly and elegantly on embedded systems with very low resources.

Developments with radio technology

VIRTENIO takes over the conception and development of hardware with radio technology.

For novel distributed systems in the area of m2m applications, you are looking for a customized solution to complement your existing sensors and actuators in your core business with wireless communication. As radio standard you have decided for Wireless-MBus or IEEE 802.15.4. You are looking for competent advice with which to discuss your ideas and implement a technical solution.

One result of our developments in the field of high frequency technology is our radio module “Preon32”. This includes a 32-bit microcontroller, a 2.4 GHz transceiver for IEEE 802.15.4 with adapted chip antenna impedance-matched signal guidance in the RF range of the board. On the basis of this development, we can implement your customer-specific solution. It is also possible to exchange the radio transceiver with 868 MHz or with the standard Wireless-MBus. In any case, you can use our innovative operating software, which benefits from simple and object-oriented programming.

Solutions for innovative business fields

VIRTENIO takes over the implementation of your ideas for applications in the m2m range and more.

You want to open up a completely new business field for you and come into contact with keywords such as embedded systems, wireless MBus, IEEE 802.15.4, radio transceivers, high-frequency technology with 2.4 GHz or 868 MHz, firmware programming and data preparation for the Internet. In order to provide your services, you also need software interfaces to databases, to standard software and to prepare the data for integration into the Internet. For the implementation of your ideas, however, you want to concentrate completely on your business process and not on the technical implementation. You are looking for a service provider who can implement the entire development process.

As a competent service provider, we offer you the opportunity to implement your technical challenges in the areas of software development for embedded systems and desktop/server, hardware development with and without radio technology as well as the connection of databases and interfaces to the Internet. On the basis of our previous products you can get an overview.