Solutions based on the Virtenio modular system

We bring your sensor data wireless into the cloud! With Virtenio PreonSolution we have the right complete solution for your demanding monitoring needs. No matter if logger, wireless logistics monitoring or remote building monitoring – with the mobile and radio-based PreonCubes you can measure temperature, relative humidity as well as illuminance, CO2 concentration, acceleration or air pressure at hard-to-reach locations without existing infrastructure.

Matching the cubes, we offer gateways that store your measured values locally as required, make them available via an existing Internet connection or transfer them to your web account at any location via mobile radio. This gives them the opportunity and freedom to view their monitored locations or processes 24/7 at any time via a web browser. Simply log into the PreonLive portal, analyze the data or export it as csv.

Feature selection

  • Online-Remotemonitoring

  • no IT infrastructure necessary

  • long device runtimes

  • Sensors customizable

Virtenio Advantages

  • Comfortable web access

  • modular extensible system

  • Quick and easy monitoring

  • 24/7 – around the clock


  • radio measuring points

  • Networks as a star

  • Networks as Multi-Hop

  • two-stage wireless

The Preon applications

Are you looking for applications in logistics, building technology or other areas? Virtenio products will help you find the right solution. Whether mobile data acquisition on the road, analysis after transport or building monitoring via web browser, ask about our products and solutions.

Monitoring solution for transport and (intra)-logistics

Monitoring solution for art objects and cultural assets

Monitoring solution for buildings and asset management

The PreonSolution kit

The PreonSolution kit offers you a modular system with which you can implement your wireless monitoring solution easily, quickly and according to your needs. The modular system consists of 3 areas. These are

  • Data acquisition (PreonCube),

  • data forwarding (PreonGate) and

  • the analysis (PreonLive).

This allows you to determine the number, type and characteristics of your individual solution for your application, using Virtenio’s Smart Wireless Devices.

Put together your monitoring solution with sensor cubes, gateways and your live portal!

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