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Virtenio intelligently monitors agriculture with products from Virtenio

High-quality and sustainably grown food products
Fig.: Fresh and high quality food from agriculture with the technology of VIRTENIO.
From the beginning to the present day, agriculture has evolved from personal needs, family businesses and medium-sized companies to a highly optimized manufacturing industry. The processes for the production of constantly high quality products under a given price pressure require monitoring and analysis from cultivation, cultivation, harvesting and processing to distribution. This can no longer be achieved solely by farmers' experience alone. Complex systems and goods are increasingly equipped with mechanical, electrical and electronic systems to cope with complexity.
In order to meet the requirements, production must be optimized. Measurement data from the application field are essential for this optimization process. Information on soil moisture, precipitation, temperature and humidity as well as solar radiation are of interest to the agricultural sector. Due to a higher resolution when recording data for e. g. Soil moisture can be used to optimize artificial irrigation. Less water is needed, which can also be dosed more efficiently at specific points.
With VIRTENIO's wireless technology, sensors and actuators can be used flexibly in agriculture. Due to the possibility provided by wireless communication, information can be captured in an unprecedented quantity of large and distributed areas and transferred to a central point. If you are interested in implementing innovative solutions in the field of agriculture, please contact VIRTENIO.