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Innovative information systems in the automobile with VIRTENIO technology

Applications for the mobility of tomorrow!
Fig.: Novel information systems in the automobile with VIRTENIO technology.
For many people, the car is one of the most important practical products of everyday life. It is used to overcome distances or achieve goals. Intelligent electronic systems in the vehicle create safety, well-being and comfort. With regard to novel information systems in connection with the acquisition of extensive data, not all possibilities in the automotive industry's applications and services have been exhausted.
Just imagine, your car warns you as soon as you get in that there is a traffic disturbance on your way to work. On the motorway, the oncoming vehicles will provide you with important information. Inter-car communication in the near field makes many applications possible, which create more safety for all road users because more eyes and ears simply see and hear more.
The wireless technology of VIRTENIO offers compact, powerful and energy efficient units. We can make a contribution to helping automobiles learn to communicate with each other. Share your ideas of tomorrow with our possibilities and competences of today and realize your applications with us.