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Recording and evaluating measurement data from production processes

Measurement data from manufacturing workflows
Fig.: Scalable and dynamic data acquisition with VIRTENIO technology.
In modern industrial facilities, the number of sensors and actuators increases with each new generation of equipment. The increasing demand for processes in which objects and liquids are moved and states are being captured more and more precisely requires electronic components that exchange information with each other in a high degree. This also applies to isolated areas that do not allow a direct connection to the control unit. For example, you can use Temperature sensors in an incubator or sensors for acceleration on rotating discs.
In both cases, it is not possible to lay connecting wires, so that classical forms of data communication and evaluation are not possible. Wireless communication is also more flexible in handling when an existing system needs to be extended by additional measuring points.
VIRTENIO's radio technology makes it possible for data acquisition and the control of actuators in industrial facilities to be wireless. The interconnected components enable applications that could not previously be implemented. The VIRTENIO radio system is especially well equipped with a wide range of interfaces.