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Wireless monitoring of machines - Virtenio products help you

Bridging distances wirelessly
Fig.: Dynamic communications without cables on machines using VIRTENIO technology.
Large machines, such as those used in agriculture, road construction or open-cast mining, offer the potential for optimization in various areas. In addition to the susceptibility to damage to wiring in the vicinity of moving components or due to external influences, the size and weight are also important starting points for wireless sensors and actuators.
In many cases, the use of wireless technology provides a solution. By eliminating the need for any wires, the weight is reduced and data lines are prevented from being damaged. In addition, cost reductions can be achieved by using radio technology by saving wires.
With VIRTENIO radio technology, data connections can be made wirelessly on tractors, combine harvesters or other large machines. The CAN interface integrated in the VIRTENIO radio modules is particularly suitable for controlling the components on the machines. These can be used to read out data from sensors and control entire machines by wireless control.