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Wireless prototypes for research & development with solutions from VIRTENIO

Prototypes made in easy as child's play
Forschun und Entwicklung
Fig.: Simple implementation and rapid development success with VIRTENIO technology. 
In research and development, it is important that prototypes with the essential functions for carrying out feasibility studies can be implemented rapidly. Long development times, especially in dealing with embedded systems, make implementation more difficult and slow down. Optimization for the target system is not intended. The design of the system has already reached a high degree of complexity and wireless communication is sensible due to the compact arrangement.
For the simulation of your application, you have developed models in higher programming languages such as Java™. Some of the components include mathematical models that require a wide range of 32-/64-bit types. Under these circumstances, you are looking for an embedded system that you can program quickly and easily - without missing the familiar convenience of the previous development environment. A sensible compilation of software libraries should take up a lot of work for you, because the access to interfaces for sensors, actuators and radio communication is already available.
VIRTENIO has found a solution for its wireless modules that allows you to transfer your applications in Java™ to energy-efficient embedded systems - without having to manually adjust the applications and algorithms. Feel free to contact VIRTENIO and let us help you with the quick and smart realization of your prototypes. It is not decisive for us whether you come from an industrial background - or simply look for a clever way to realize your diploma or doctoral thesis.