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Smart metering solutions for intelligent measurement of parameters

Monitoring and saving of energy costs
Forschun und Entwicklung
Fig.: Innovative energy management for domestic use with VIRTENIO technology.
Given the current climate situation and the growing rejection of energy production from coal and nuclear power, energy suppliers are increasingly considering the use of renewable and alternative energy sources. This is also strengthened by the need of the population, which is developing an ever greater understanding of sustainability.
The acquisition of consumption data is to be used less and less for billing purposes but rather for optimizing heating and cooling systems, light sources and technical equipment by intelligent switching. With regard to the application of innovative energy management systems in households, great user-friendliness and easy installation must be ensured.
With its technology, VIRTENIO offers an ideal basis for realizing new networked applications. Due to the radio technology, no wiring is required for data acquisition and transmission. VIRTENIO systems are small and can therefore be integrated as measuring points in radiators or sockets. Thanks to VIRTENIO's innovative operating software, the systems are prepared for decentralised intelligence. VIRTENIO makes it possible for households to manage resources in a sustainable manner without negatively affecting the way they live their lives.