“Wireless, robust, adaptive, industrial systems for industrial automation and production logistics (DRAISE)”, BMBF, 2016-2019

The automation of production plants in industry is constantly progressing. Reliable data transmission systems are a necessary prerequisite: Only in this way can smooth production processes be guaranteed.

The consortium pursues a holistic approach in which data from industrial plants is reliably collected by radio. This is achieved by a coexistence management of the transmitting nodes and radio resources: Intelligent switching of the channels and time-shifted transmission of the data should enable a smooth flow. The optimally scheduled transmission of data not only promotes robustness, but also reduces the latency of data transmission. Among other things, the technologies developed are implemented and tested in a networked transport trolley that moves production pieces within production facilities. This trolley is equipped with sensors that send their measurement data, such as vibration, temperature or brightness, so that other components connected via the network can access it.

The central innovation of the project lies in the development of a reliable, robust communication system, which passes on the data in an appropriate way to the users or the systems that monitor the production processes. These developments are of central importance for the entire production logistics, the control and monitoring of internal transport, handling and storage processes. They play an important role in establishing wireless communication systems in the automated industry and in paving the way for “Industry 4.0” and an “Internet of Things”.

Project partners

  • Virtenio GmbH
  • Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Institute for Communication Networks (ComNets) E-4
  • University of Applied Sciences Lübeck, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – Competence Center CoSA
  • Krallmann AG, Berlin