“Intelligent radio-based irrigation (IFUB)”, BMEL, 2012-2015

The project aims to develop an intelligent and flexible irrigation system with automation components, in which modern data processing and acquisition systems are wirelessly networked to increase the efficiency of irrigation on agricultural land and plantations. The application potential is particularly seen in the following areas:

  • Fruit growing, vegetable growing, special outdoor crops

  • Protected crops (greenhouses, foil tunnels)

  • Agriculture, in particular sugar beet, potatoes, etc.

The added value of the system from the user’s point of view results from the fact that irrigation should be more ecological, economical, resource-saving and energy-efficient. During the implementation a high flexibility of the components and systems is aimed at, in order to be able to do justice to the very wide range of agricultural and horticultural uses. The new approach consists of programming an independent intelligence into the individual distributed and networked systems, which enables the system to independently analyze and interpret the measured data and, based on this, to trigger corresponding actions decentrally. This is only possible with a flexible, autonomous and radio-based real-time irrigation system that intelligently adapts to environmental conditions and recognizes demand. Such a system uses intelligent irrigation modules, includes sensors and actuators, and incorporates weather data from a local and more global context.

Project partners

  • MMM tech support GmbH & Co. KG
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim
  • Virtenio GmbH

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